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Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

The Telchini-Mayr-D'Abbiero Firm assists companies and private individual in protecting intellectual and industrial property. It promotes the creation, protection, and leveraging of intangible assets, proposing a strategy to protect industrial and intellectual property rights on a national, European and international level with the collaboration of qualified professionals in various countries.

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Attorney Bruno Telchini has and does assist major companies in the automotive, fashion, industrial design, food, hotel and tourist, security, and energy industries.

The Telchini-Mayr-D'Abbiero Firm offers its experience and specialised consulting, analysing for each case the intellectual property rights that best meet the client’s growth objectives and takes care of the necessary activities for industrial ownership rights, including:

  • Procedures for the registration and protection of
  • Trademarks (word, symbol, phrase, logo, combination) in Italy (UIBM) and abroad, the European Union (EUIPO) and international (WIPO);
  • Patents for inventions and new plant varieties at the European (EPO) and international (PCT) levels;
  • Utility model patents nationally and in countries that recognise those types of industrial property;
  • Designs and models, nationally and in the European Union
  • Copyright protection on literary, cinematographic, artistic and photographic works, as well as rights connected to economic exploitation
  • Protection of the so-called unregistered intellectual property rights such as distinguishing marks and designations of origin (DOC, DOP, DOCG)
  • Protection of expertise and trade secrets, protected by the provisions of Directive 2016/943 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 8 June 2016.

The professionals offer assistance in all procedures at Italian and European Union Intellectual Property Offices:

  • during the first administrative phase through the preparation of defence papers in response to findings, refusals to perform acts of office, and motions to oppose the registration of the title, as well as the presentation of motions to oppose the registration of titles of third parties counterfeiting the customer’s prior ownership rights;
  • during any subsequent appeal phase before the Appeals Commission of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (for Italian trademarks) and the Appeals Commission of the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (for EU trademarks);
  • during the judicial phase of appeal against the decisions of the Boards of Appeal relating to EU trademarks before the Court and the European Court of Justice.

The firm contributes to the development and leveraging of industrial property rights, assisting the customer in managing commercial relationships and the economic assessment of intangible assets, taking care of the use of the most appropriate legal instruments for the case. In this area, the professionals offer their experience in international contracts, with particular reference to exclusive licensing contracts for industrial property rights, product supply and distribution, franchising, and agency.

Finally, it is believed that the leveraging of the intangible assets portfolio is closely connected to its defence. The strategy for protecting industrial property in the phase following the granting of the title, in fact, allows the prevention or stemming of counterfeiting and unfair competition.

Management of the dispute is ensured by the firm’s professionals through the meticulous defence of intellectual property rights in all relevant administrative, civil, and criminal offices.

The judicial activity favours the establishment of rapid and targeted actions by the relevant sections specialising in Company issues, aimed at obtaining protective measures of seizure and injunctions against third-party counterfeiters, while the compensation for damages, commensurate with the material injury suffered, will be requested in the subsequent proceedings.

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