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Medical and health responsibility

One of Telchini-Mayr-D'Abbiero's specific areas of activity is the criminal and civil defence in cases of medical and health responsibility, that is, the professional responsibility of those who carry out a health activity for damages deriving to the patient resulting from errors, omissions or in violation of the obligations inherent to the professional activity.

Often in connection with the unfortunate outcome of a medical treatment, it is necessary to clarify whether or not there is responsibility on the part of the operator, and whether the cause of the unfortunate is attributable to the medical operator’s conduct or omission: interventions under the Balduzzi law, and subsequently with the Gelli-Bianco reform, which introduced the new Art. 590 sexies of the Italian Penal Code, require a rigorous analysis of compliance with the so-called guidelines and their suitability for the specific case.

The interaction between highly competent professional figures, both from the clinical aspect as well as the legal medical aspect, becomes the focus of the action, the management of which must respond to precise strategic analysis from both the criminal and compensation point of view. For these reasons, the Firm, with its numerous years of experience in the matter, uses excellent medical/legal and clinical consultants.

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