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In the modern civil and criminal procedure, scientific analysis of the problem is always useful to support the legal discussion.

Market and production needs contrast with the demands of workers and consumers, leading to the prevalence of the so-called regulatory integrative technical specifications. This gave rise to the UNI regulations, harmonised as possible with the EN standards of the European Union, compliance with which determines the conformity of the products and the manufacturing procedures. These are measures, compositions, and the study of the dynamics that only a professional expert in each sector can master.

The more sensitive environmental awareness of our times demands rigorous management of the material that the previous generations simply defined as "waste", and now, instead is the subject of an extremely articulated set of regulations characterized by severe administrative and criminal sanctions whose correct application is mastered by very few experts.

In the field of the medical law and the identification of good medical practices, international scientific research contributes to the drafting of "guidelines" which, if correctly applied, constitute the criminal cut-off. The evaluation of the correctness of a diagnosis or surgical procedure, pathological analysis, and quantification of the damage according to the forensic medical baremes are activities taken away from the jurist and referred to the skilled competence of the consultant.

This means that no aspect of the law, and of justice, which is the application of the law, escapes the need for an expert and competent evaluation of objective phenomena and data.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for the judge to make use of experts, appointing technical consultants in the civil trial and experts in the criminal process. Their opinions and assessments affect the judge's free conviction and, in many cases, decide the outcome.

The private citizen has the right to appoint a technical consultant who, in the physiological discussion with the court-appointed expert, contributes to the proper examination of the data. The Firm assists its clients by suggesting when it is best to make use of consulting and possibly suggesting the most suitable professional individuals, taking into account the needs and resources of the person being assisted, whether a knowledgeable local expert or a renowned academic figure, long-term collaboration with the most competent professionals in the various disciplines guarantees targeted and effective procedural synergies.

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